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Site Optimization And Promotion

Site Optimization and promotion is a science unto itself. The information that follows is only a primer. We hope that it helps.
Building your web site is only the beginning. Even if you have only constructed a billboard site or pantheon to your favorite movie star you may not be content to leave the site to fate for developing traffic. The idea of "Build it and they will come" does not always apply to the internet. Even if you do build the coolest and most unique site ever, because of the way search engines index sites, your intended audience still has to wade through millions, soon to be billions, of sites and web pages to get to yours.

Site Indexing

We offer an excellent service to index your site on over 900 search engines, "Free For All" links pages, and classified ad sites! Through the help of our advanced "spidering" software, we can help ensure your sites placement on the search engines.

You provide the keywords that you want your customers to be able to search for to locate your web site, and a short description of your site, and we'll take it from there. We'll even send you suggested meta tags for you to put on your site to gain the advantage over your competition.

We offer Site Submission Services that can get your site listed.

More About Site Promotion And Search Engine Submission

Here are just a few additional thoughts about promoting your site. We don't think we have enough server space to explain all there is to know about search engine submission. By no means do we claim to know everything. If you been operating a web site for awhile, or have been diligent in preparing your first site, you have probably already learned a lot about the process.  The problem is very engine is different and the individual ranking criteria are constantly changing.

The question is where to get started and how. The obstacles to getting a web site started have been compounded by the burgeoning commercialization of the web. The search engine operators have begun to put commercial site listing out of the realm (pocket book) of most web sites by imposing high listing fees or requiring your to bid on keywords. So what do you do if the nature of your site and/or your pocket book just don't justify the expense.

Fortunately there are some simple and inexpensive (free even) steps you can take to get your site listed. Probably the most important step is to get your site into the Open Directory, also known as ODP or DMOZ. http://dmoz.org.

This directory takes commercial and noncommercial listings and is very important because many of the search engines draw their search data from DMOZ. The listing here is free but it may take some time and you might not get listed at all. Here are a few tips to help you with DMOZ.
  • Make certain you choose the correct category for your site. If you don't your site could bounce around between categories for years.
  • Follow the submission guidelines. If you don't your site may get listed but with a description written by some volunteer editor somewhere who, although trying their best will almost certainly not describe your site the way you want people to see it.
  • Don't spam DMOZ.  You will get blacklisted and then you have a problem.

Zeal is another directory like DMOZ. It is the noncommercial equivalent of DMOZ. If you have a noncommercial site get it listed there.

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