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Getting Started, Building Your Web Site

Getting Started With Your Web Site is easy. Select And Register Your Domain Name.
The first step in starting your web site is selecting a unique Domain Name. We suggest that you don't delay in selecting your domain name. A name you select, that is available today, may not be available tomorrow. We provide, at no charge, domain name checker to instantly determine whether the name you have chosen for your web site is available.

If you find the domain name you have chosen is available we suggest you register it immediately. As we have mentioned before, your name may be available now but we can't guarantee it will still be available tomorrow. You can register your domain name through RealWebCo right now so that somebody else doesn't register it first.

Select A Hosting Plan.

Once you have reserved your domain name you need to select a Hosting Plan to meet your needs. We have several plans available. We suggest you review the Hosting Plans we have available to determine which one suits your needs then sign up with RealWebCo to get your site started. Of course you can wait to purchase your web space until you are ready to publish your site however, if you delay, you will not be able to integrate and test the many free scripts and extras (shopping carts, etc.) that are integrated with our plans. By purchasing your web space before designing your site you can avoid having to rework your site after you upload it for the first time since you will have incorporated the many special features available during the initial design of your site.
Designing Your Site.
Once you have your name and your space it is time to start building your site. You have several alternatives depending on your experience level and expertise. You don't have to be a computer guru to build your own site.

RealWebCo Web Builder Utility (Site Builder)

RealWebCo provides a FREE "Site Builder" utility, in every plan except the Value plan. With Site Builder there is no need to purchase your own web authoring software or learn hand coding. Site Builder is included in the "Extras" section of the web administered control panel. Simply check the box next to "Site Builder" in the Extras menu and in a matter of minutes you can begin designing your site. Complete on-line documentation is included with the Site Builder option and additional information and instructions for building your site can be found in our On-Line manual.

Use A Web Authoring Software:

If you would like even more creative control you can use a third party Web Authoring Software. There are many such products out there and they vary in difficulty of use and capability. These programs are commonly referred to as WISIWYG editors with names like Adobe Go Live, Microsoft Frontpage and Macromedia Dreamweaver. These editors, and there are many more out there, make it very easy to quickly design your web site. The links provided here take you to the company web sites for the named editors so that you can learn more about them.

Hand Code Your Site.

Hand coding your site is the most difficult method of building your site. Unless you already have significant computer expertise we do not recommend this method. Our On-Line manual also has quite a few tutorials to help you learn Dreamweaver 2, 3, and 4, Flash 4 and 5, Fireworks 3 and 4, FrontPage 98 and 2000, Photoshop 5.5, Active Server Pages, HTML, JavaScript, HoTMetal PRO 6, Miva Merchant, Miva Script and Intranet Deployment.
How Do I Establish Ecommerce Capability On My Site?
There are several ways that you can do this.  Every Hosting Plan comes with a simple shopping cart order system, "That's An Order", which you can use to build a simply ecommerce site. Every Hosting Plan also has access to our SSL certificate.  There is no need for you to purchase your own certificate.

We also offer several more sophisticated shopping cart systems by MIVA Corporation.  These products integrate easily in to the majority of credit card processing systems simply by adding a password.  This eliminates the need for sometimes difficult scripting to pass information to the payment gateway.
You've Designed and Uploaded Your Site, Established Ecommerce Capability, What Next?
You need to upload your site to your web space. The easiest method is to use FTP (File Transfer Protocol). Your site design tool my already have FTP or you may need to get one. Cute FTP is a good independent FTP program.

Once your site is uploaded the real fun begins. It is time to get your site into the search engines. Don't wait for them to find you. Before you begin submitting your site to the various Search Engines you need to make sure your site has optimized and is compatible with the various browsers visitors will use to view your site. Our Webmaster Resource page provides many helpful links to help you make your site compatible with the various browsers and achieve high rankings with the different search engines.

We have provided more detailed information on the topic of site promotion and search engine submission which you can access by clicking here.
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