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Browser Based Email Access - In addition to the regular POP email system, available with every site, we have included a browser based eamil utility to allow you access to your web site email from any computer withpout the need to set up an email client. SquirrelMail is available through php. Give your email accounts the flexibilty of email access from anywhere.

NEW: Plusmail has now been improved with our innovative Web control panel!
For access use http://yourdomain.com/cgi-bin/plusmail

(See below for more info)

PlusMail Web Control Panel

Our innovative PlusMail Web Control panel allows you to control your web presence from a web browser. This virtually eliminates the need for Novice Users to learn and use FTP and Telnet. The more familiar interface of the web browser, combined with point and click simplicity, makes the PlusMail Web Control panel an extremely user-friendly web management system.

The PlusMail Web Control panel is included in all accounts. Your PlusMail Web Control panel will be personalized for you with your domain name and website traffic stats. To access the one on your domain go to:


NOTE: Due to the unique security requirement of the administration system you must have you browser set to allow cookies.

Script Installation

Your site comes with many pre-loaded and configured CGI scripts. The scripts that come with your site depend on the hosting plan you signed up for. To install the scripts (guestbook, forums, etc...) using your control panel, select "setup scripts", place a check by the scripts you would like to install, then press the "setup scripts" button.

NOTE: The scripts usually aren't active until 15 minutes after submission.

Once the scripts you ahve chosen are installed check below, or in the on-line manual, for instructions to the script(s) you have installed.

Script Installs

The PlusMail Web Control panel allows you to install several scripts, below find browser paths to the instructions that are installed for you with the installation.

We are in the process of updating and improving our support capability. If the some of the browser paths below do not work you can find the appropriate instructions and a lot of other helpful information in the On-Line Manual.

  • VBPRO* Guestbook: http://yourdomainhere.com/vbpro/
  • Forums: http://yourdomainhere.com/forums/cgi-s/
  • That's An Order: http://yourdomainhere.com/lto.htm
  • Miva merchant - requires lic., instructions in online manual
  • Sitebuilder - requires lic., http://yourdomainhere.com/sitebuilder/
  • PlusRoamer II** - requires license, http://yourdomainhere.com/plusroamer/
    default login admin. with your requested password
  • Free For all Links - (Freeware) http://yourdomainhere.com/links/manual.htm
  • Whois - (Freeware) http://yourdomainhere.com/cgi-bin/whois.cgi
  • Graphic Counter - (freeware) http://yourdomainhere.com/counter/
  • Postcards - (freeware) http://yourdomainhere.com/cards
  • Vote - (freeware) add polling to your site. http://yourdomainhere.com/vote
  • Power Search (freeware - works well up to 400 html files) http://yourdomainhere.com/search_instructions.htm
  • Quiz Master - (freeware) http://yourdomainhere.com/quiz

On newer accounts the Vbpro Guestbook, Forums, and Take an order are pre installed already by us, checking yes will just reinstall them over the old.

* VBPRO by default has the email options disabled at program level.

**PlusRoamer II utilizes the domains main default pop, any mail directed there will end up in the PlusRoamer admin. email box. Please be sure to redirect any email you do not want to be directed to the web based box.


All freeware scripts are made available in working order when installed from webcontrol, we cannot offer help in customizing or trouble shooting scripts you choose to change. If you should decide to try to change default settings and than the script becomes non functional just request a reinstall from webcontrol to set it back as new.

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