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Site Operations and Security

Regardless, whether your web site is a simple personal site or of a more commercial nature, security is a big issue. Like it or not there are people out there with nothing more to do than take a shot at messing up what you worked so hard to create.

Fortunately for us there are people out there that have put a lot of time and effort into helping you with such problems and there are a few things you can do on the front end to protect yourself and your site. What steps you implement depend, to some degree on what you are doing with your site, but there are some things that have universal application. The first of those involves receiving email generated from your site.

Protection from SPAM:

Protect yourself from SPAM with this simple rule. DO NOT PUT YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS ON YOUR PAGES. Instead, create "mail to:" links that have your email address hidden in the code on your pages. After you have done that install an email protector script in the in your cgi-bin.  Remember, all of our sites are 100% user customizable so you can do things like that. To learn more about SPAM protection you can also visit these links.
Protect your own computer:

If you are actively running a web site, you are probably spending a lot of time on the internet. It might surprise you to know that even if you are just monitoring email and working on your site, not out actively surfing the net, you are still at risk from the malicious few out there lurking in the shadows. If you have taken the step of installing cable or DSL service to obtain a faster connection your are at even greater risk since your computer is always on line.

As I sit here writing this paragraph (in the space of roughly 10 minutes) my zone alarm has alerted my to 3 separate attempts by unknown, and unidentified, third parties to access my computer. At that rate I can expect 18 attempts every hour, and my computer is on-line roughly 18 hours a day. That boils down to approximately 324 attempts by unknown parties to access MY COMPUTER every single day and none of these third parties ever asked for my permission.

That is kind of scary and for a long time there was nothing you could do about. The folks at ZoneLabs have taken care of safeguarding my computer and handed control back to me. Not only do I receive alerts of incoming traffic but the software scans my system for Trojans and other hacker tricks. It even suplements my regular anti virus software by scanning incoming data and emails. I can choose my level of security and who has incoming and outgoing access to my computer. Zone Alarm can even be set to block pop-up ads and banners.

Must be expensive right. Well not really. Zone Alarm Pro runs a reasonable $49.95. At that price you can download it and be up and running, protecting your personal computer or network in a matter of minutes. They even have a slightly scaled down free version if your not sure protecting your computer, your sanity and your privacy is worth $49.95. Click here to download your own copy of Zone Alarm Pro, or any other ZoneLabs products.
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