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1. You are riding "shot-gun" in an ambulance (the paramedics are all so nice, they are giving you a ride to work at your ER!) While en route, they get a call for a patient with chest pain and other associated "possible MI" symptoms. They go to the home and pick up the patient, who, from what you can see, is having "crushing" chest pain, shortness of breath, and sweats. What do you expect to see the paramedics do?


2. How long is the "door to drug" interval (the optimal amount of time from when the patient comes in the ER until the moment thromblytics are started)?


3. Your initial assessment should include....


4. What are the 4 triads for early assessment?


5.Which is NOT a treatment of Coronary Thrombolysis in the event that there is not information to go by for whether they ever had a bleed...."?


6. PTCA can be considered early IF you know the patient is NOT a candidate for Thrombolytic therepy..which of the following still allows your patient to have thrombolytics?