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  • 1200 megs of Web Space
    (Enough space to hold thousands of Web Pages, additional space is available)
  • 60 Gigs of Traffic per month
    (The average user requires 100 megs a month)
  • 500 POP Email Accounts accessible through en email client like Nestscape or Outlook Express(additional accounts available)
  • Browser Based Email Access (accessible from any web browser)
  • Unlimited Ftp/Telnet access to your account, 24 hours a day
    (Edit your pages any time, 24 hours a day, with no transfer charges)
  • 2 FTP Accounts
  • FREE, Unlimited Email Aliases
    (anyname@yourdomian.com - create as many email addresses as you want)
  • FREE, Email Forwarding - Up to 1000 addresses
    (Automatically forward received at any of your addresses, to a another email address)
  • FREE, Unlimited Auto-Responders
    (Automatically sends a response when you receive an email)
  • FREE, Unlimited Subscribable Mailing Lists
    (Start you own mailing lists of friends, clients, prospective customers, etc...)
Additional Features

  • FREE, Real Audio/Video - offer streaming audio and video from your site
  • FREE, Java Chat - up to 25 rooms may be set up
  • FREE, Mail Capture -
    anymail@yourdomain.com goes to your Email box
  • FREE, Unlimited Mailing Lists
    Lets you create a mailing list with a simple text file of addresses
    ** You may have as many lists in your directory as you like, each is password protectable
    ** Each list may have up to 1000 addresses
    ** The file size of each letter may be up to 75k

  • FREE, Unlimited Auto-Responders. The same feature you usually find with a $5.00/month charge for each. For an example of autoresponders click this link testautoresponder@realwebco.com, and send an e-mail. (no human will see this e-mail)
    ** Each Email can be up to 100k
    ** At your option, the requesters Email address can be written to your mailing list - This allows you direct your marketing efforts by automatically creating a mailing list of people have contacted you for specific information.

  • FREE, Your Own CGI-BIN - with our pre-configured scripts installed.
  • Install your own Scripts - or someone else's, without having to obtain our approval first. (most services charge $75.00 or more per hour to "check and approve" a script)
  • FREE, Web Administered Control Panel - Control your email forwarding, autoresponders, subscribable mailing lists, password protection on desired directories, even edit your website and much more - all from your browser
  • FREE, Daily Statistics and access to raw log files - see how many visitors saw your site, categorized by page hits and transfer amounts
  • FREE, Referrer Logs
  • FREE, Error Logs
  • FREE, My SQL and PHP 4 Module Support
  • FREE, Unlimited Access to our SSL (Secured Socket Layer) and Certificate (For Secured forms for credit card payments, etc.)
  • FREE, Customizable Error (file not found) page
  • FREE, SSI (Server Side Includes)
  • FREE, Microsoft Frontpage Support
  • Fully Redundant and Multihomed T3, and DS3 Connections right on the backbone for blazing speed
  • FREE, Daily Tape Backups (up to 15,000 files)
  • On-Site UPS and Backup Power Supply
  • FREE, Unlimited Technical Support By Support Desk 24/7
  • Commercial Sites Welcome
  • FREE HOSTING, Fantastic Referral Incentives (for each customer referred who signs up to host with RealWebCo.com receive one free month of hosting for your site)
  • No Minimum Contracts
  • Powerful Options and add-ons such as extra POP/FTP/Telnet accounts (with and without restricted access for subdirectories) and much more
  • Fast Set Up (usually within 10 hours)
  • We Accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and checks.
  • We Support Java jdk 1.1.5, C++, TCL 7.6, Htmlscript (Miva), Python 1.4, PHP 4 and PERL 4 & 5
  • Key Perl Modules besides the standard ones:

    ** mySQLPerl Module
    ** DBI 1.06
    ** LWP 5.36
    ** HTML-parser 2.20
    ** CGI.pm 2.49
    ** MIME-Base64 2.06
    ** MDS 1.7
    ** Libnet 1.0605
    ** URI 1.04
    ** DBD 2.0091 (includes DBD::mysql)
    ** GD.pm 1.18
    ** MailTools - 1.12
    ** IO-stringy-1.203
    ** DateManip 5.33 (by request)
    **Mod_perl (by request)
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