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Our Network Operations Center

Network Overview

RealWebCo, a leading provider of integrated Internet solutions, built its fiber optic network with reliability, speed and redundancy in mind.

Our N.O.C. (Network Operations Center), located in Illinois, U.S.A., is connected to the Internet by 4 redundant DS-3 multi-homed connections. This high-speed connectivity combined with exceptionally fast and reliable servers guarantees breakneck access to your web site and 99.9% uptime 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Network Providers

Genuity (2-OC3's)

Genuity, with its 30 years of expertise and experience, maintains a OC-192 global fiber network, which is one of the largest in the world. All of their services are backed by comprehensive service level agreements which represent the quality of service they provide and the integrity of their network.

Global Crossing (2-DS3's)

Global Crossing provides premier telecommunication services over a global fiber network to more than 200 of the world's largest cities. The Global Crossing optical networking technologies offer the flexibility and growth your changing business needs. The fully fiber-optic IP network is all about capacity, and it is ready to meet the demands of our customers.


UUNET, an MCI WorldCom company, is a global leader in Internet communications solutions, offering a comprehensive range of Internet services to business customers worldwide. One of WorldCom's key strengths is its extensive global network. They own and operate network facilities throughout North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, and the Asia-Pacific region.

Fastnet (DS3)

The design of FASTNET's core Customer Network Facility (CNF) provides substantial uptime and reliability by linking multiple high-bandwidth circuits to multiple national Internet backbone providers such as AT&T, Sprint and many others. FASTNET allows us to deliver faster, more reliable connections to our customers.

  • Our network is fully switched with top quality components from Cisco Systems
  • Our entire N.O.C. is wired with 100Mbps UTP Category 5 wiring
  • 3 full fiber optic T3's on separate and diverse backbones
    (Uunet, GTE and Global Frontier)
  • We are in the process of upgrading our 2 GTE provided DS-3's to OC3's

  • Redundant Power Systems
    • Our N.O.C. receives 1200 amps of power through secure underground cables
    • APC battery backups provide all equipment with uninterrupted power
    • For extended outages, a 250 kw natural gas-powered generator provides backup
    • Modular power protection for servers and business critical applications
    • The center is further guarded from environmental hazards with redundant air conditioning, and fire suppression systems

    Backup Storage
    • 1 - 25 GB HDD on each hosting server for daily backups
    • Several 500 GB multi-tape backup systems connected via sub-net


    We custom-build, and frequently upgrade, all computer systems on location providing enhanced levels of control, flexibility and the ability to remotely anticipate and resolve problems before they affect your service. Key components are:

    • Dual 600 MHz Pentium III processors or better
    • 2 - 9 GB skuzzy Main Drives
    • 360 MB RAM minimum configuration
    • Upgraded every 3-4 months to consistently provide you with the latest processors, memory, etc...


    We provide round-the-clock computerized monitoring and control, maintenance, and technical support for over 400 computer systems housed in our facilities. Our customers enjoy 99.9% uptime and exceptional levels of service, quality, security and network reliability.

    It is this commitment to product quality and service that has made us a leading provider of integrated Internet solutions

    The HTTP port is monitored while Ping tests are conducted every 5 minutes to verify that the servers are active. In the event that a port is unreachable, an email is sent to every member of our technical staff. Additionally, our engineers are provided with real-time status, notification, and forecasting of network events.

    More About The RealWebCo Network
    Our primary 22,000 sq.ft. data center is located in Lisle, IL and the second in Trumbull, CT. The RealWebCo network has been engineered to avoid any single point of failure. This is accomplished with redundant connectivity, power, and HVAC. We further utilize our bandwidth capacity and increase redundancy with a direct fiber connection between the Illinois and Connecticut data centers.

    We take security very seriously. All major entry points to the building and computer area require a electronic ID card and 5 digit security code. The buildings are monitored by cameras and security personel 24 hours per day.

    The RealWebCo network uses top-of-the-line Cisco backbone grade routers on the core layer and Layer 3 switching on the distribution layer, providing superior segmentation and increased bandwidth across the backbone. Each server is connected to its own switched 100Mbps port, reducing congestion. Bandwidth utilization is continuously monitored, allowing us to accommodate even the largest bandwidth surges.

    It is a misconception that the amount of bandwidth (size of the pipes that carry the data) differentiates web hosting companies. In reality, it is not the size of the pipe that matters, it is the utilization levels. We have multiple redundant connections which allow us to guarantee customers a maximum of 60 percent capacity utilization at peak times and an average of 40 percent utilization across our networks.

    BGP4 Routing
    The Host4u.net networks utilize Border Gate Protocol (BGP4). BGP4 protocol is the standard that allows for routing of packets of information sent out from the Host4u.net networks. BGP4 routing creates a truly redundant network by routing traffic over the most efficient route possible. Data is automatically redirected through another route in the event of a router failure. Should one of our backbone providers fail, packets are automatically redirected through another provider.

    Bandwidth Utilization
    The Host4u.net network currently has plenty of excess capacity, even during peak hours. This allows us to accommodate large spikes in traffic that are often associated with active websites. We are always adding network connectivity and new routes in an effort to make sure content is delivered to your users as efficiently as possible. Always maintaining proper bandwidth headroom also allows us to provide maximum uptime, even if one of our providers has an outage.

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